overclocking FSB on 800 mhz PIII help if u can :)

ok from my knowledge gained from this forum here is my computer :
DELL ( i did not make it :) )
800mhz PIII @797 (i used a WCPUID)
256mb PC133 RAM (not sure aobut the cas2 or cas3)
30 gb 100 ata 7200 rpm (think a generic brand ? not sure)
32 mb NVIDA TNT2 model 64

my current FSB speed is 133 mhz i wanted to maybe overclock to 150mhz? is there a program i can get to do this? do u think this is a good idea.

some concerns i have is i don't really understand clock multipliers (please explain if u know) but i guess the AGP port mhz also increase as well as the IDE ports so i am not sure if my video card will be able to handle the increased AGP port mhz
does any of that make sense? i guess what i need here is some general knowledge on this that i don't have so if u know how to clear things up for me that would be great i really wanna know more about this clock multiplier thing and the ratio and how i cna find out what mine is so i know how everything else is effected by overclocking my FSB and if this is even possbible for me to do at all
thanks :)
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  1. From what I know of Dell Bios there is no way to overclock the bus speed. Anyone else prove me wrong?
  2. I think that goes for most brand computers, they are locked. Sometimes you cant even upgrade the CPU even when it fits the socket, because they have absolutely zero features beyond the absolutely basic.

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