A7V voltage readings ??

For those of you with the Asus A7V, I'm sure you're all aware of the voltage readings the BIOS and Asus Probe reports are roughly different by 0.1 volts. Can some one help me on which I should trust and why there is a difference between the two.

Also, I have another "small" problem. I can POST and get win98 to load at 1000 on my duron600 but their is an error message stating something such as "Error reading registry file blah blah". I have a very good heatsink and fan with the case open. Anyone know how I can work around this. By the way, the system is stable at 950.
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  1. Hey, i'd go for the bios voltage.
    Since the board can only do 1.85 volts (without special mods) that's what i put mine at... but the probe reads 1.952
    and the bios reads 1.89 so, for me , i trust the bios a little better.

    As for getting 1000 from 600, nice job getting that far.
    I can't get my 800tb to 1000, only 950. SO it's possible that you've just reached your chips limit. I assume that you have the voltage maxed out to at 1.85 right? (if not crank it up to 1.85 and let 'er go)

    I am also assuming that you are getting 950 with the multiplier alone (like me). You might want to try to up the fsb a bit to get those last extra Mhz's

    The max i could go with my multiplier is 9.5, and i could get the fsb to go up to 103Mhz stable (put me around 978Mhz in wcpuid), so you might want to try that.

    good luck.
  2. PROBE is crap...upgrade to the latest version, and watch temps jump by 10C for no reason at all. I trust the bios, and the jumper settings on the board. BTW get all the latest promise drivers (build 33) and the 1005a bios, if you have not already. Everyone who is using them has reported good results.

    Hark! the Herald Angels sing,
    Glory to the new born King.

  3. You do need to increase your voltage to get to 1000MHz. I got the same error and it went away after upping the voltage. My system worked at 1GHz but seemed buggy and strange things happened.
    So I went back to 950MHz and decreased the voltage to 1.80 and all is fine again.
    For me, the probe software usually reads 0.05 higher than what I set it to be in the bios.
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