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I have a Duron 600. I know that these processors can go up too around 800, and wish to do this. However I dont know how. I have an Epox EP-8KTA+ mainboard. when i first tried to do this myself i only got to 650, then the pc went unstable and wouldnt boot up. can someone help me out with jumper settings?
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  1. hmm... my first time ever helping anyone on this but i think if u want to get up to 800 you will need to buy a good fan or some thermal [-peep-] to cool down your computer then it will be stable at 800 probably
  2. first of all, overclocking is hit or miss so you might just have a chip that doesn't want to be overclocked. that being said, i would think you could get more. is it safe to assume you adjusted the core voltage along with the multiplier? also, chech the way you connected the L1 bridges. if you used a pencil, you might have to redo the lines. i have the same board and have my 900@100 at default voltage.
  3. try increasing the core voltage a bit, if Epox will let you. My friend got his 600 to 800 easy and only increased the voltage by about .1V. Try increasing the bus speed a bit too. My other friend just loaded up his duron 700 into a KT7 RAID and gets 880.

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