Best game and desktop recording software?

I have the paid version of fraps and that's all I have ever used. The quality comes out pretty good, but if you don't have an awesome computer you really have to lower settings.

I made a Counter-Strike video a while back with max graphics, but I had to lower my resolution from native 1680x1050 to 800x600 just so the video was totally smooth.

My settings on fraps were 30 fps full size. I played with different settings but it either lagged really bad or the quality was poor.

Is fraps still the best? It eats hard drive space like crazy. A minute clip could be a few gigabytes.
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  1. Screw fraps , type into google Debut first thing u will find is the freeware program

  2. MSI afterburner also records screen
  3. what's the difference between fraps and this?
  4. camtasia, easy to use, and editting tools that are easier to use than sony vegas
  5. I recommend 1AVCapture. Great desktop recording software.
  6. ojhasha said:
    camtasia, easy to use, and editting tools that are easier to use than sony vegas

    I do all my editing in Sony Vegas 10. I love that program.

    Is camtasia only for desktop recording or games as well?
  7. I use SnagIt for desktop recording. I like it, and records the desktop activity as well as you can capture the screenshot of any window and some specific area of the screen.
  8. I used to use FRAPS but it's not good. It severly limits performance.

    I've been using MSI Afterburner now and it is really good IMO. It uses a little more CPU power but the FPS drop is minimal (if you have a good CPU).
  9. I really haven't tested out the Xfire recorder, but it is only for games.
    I've used this freeware called Cam Studio. It records desktop and game. It's pretty good.
  10. I just want the best possible quality.

    Fraps gave me the quality, but I had to change the settings in game.

    For my Counter-Strike video, I had to record at 800x600 for no stuttering - but my native resolution is 1680x1050.

    I kept the graphics high, but lowered AA, AF, and HDR.

    I compressed the final product as .wmv @ 1280x720 HD quality.

    It came out perfect on youtube. No quality loss.

    But as I said I can't record anything at native. This was on CSS, an 8 year old game. I doubt I can record any new game with fraps unless I go low graphics.
  11. bro i am giving a software which can record ur games as ur game diplays and also have many tools like defrag quick boost to your game and also snap screen shohts software name is razer game booster! downloading link is below:-
  12. You can use D3D Gear game recording software to record the videos.It will help you to record your videos in HD quality.
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