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This is my first time building not only a system, but building an OC'd system. I want to build a system, thats fast, and cheap. And overclocking seems like a good choice. I am going to buy an overclocked combo from the Overclockerz store( The only question is, Which one? The two I am deciding between is the Duron 1000, Abit KT7 Raid, 128 Megs OCZ Ram, and the OCZ Monster 2; or the Extremist Duron 1100, ABit KT7 with the Voltage Mod, 128 Megs Of OCZ Ram and Buy the OCZ Monster 2 Seperately. There is only a 20 dollar difference in the Systems. The Latter being the more expensive. I've installed parts (HDs, CD Drives, Modem, little stuff like that) but never built a system. One of the things I am afraid of Is Mounting the Fan on the CPU... but I think that if I take time and be very careful, I'll be ok. Take into account that this is going to primarily be A Gaming and Websurfing System and that I've never built a system before. The other Components for the system will be an OCZ Geforce MX 2 with Fan and Ram Sinks preinstalled, a Sound Blaster Live! Value sound card, and A Samsung 30 Gig 5600 RPM ATA 66 HD, and its going into this ( case most likely. If any more info is needed to help me make this desicion, I'll gladly provide it. I think I am leaning towards the latter, Because the only real benefit the RAID one has to a Home user like me is the native ATA 100 support, but my HD is only ATA 66 anyway and If i get a ATA 100 Drive, I can get an ATA 100 Card if neccesary.But... The First seems easier, I dont think the extra Mhz will make that big of a difference, and The RAID board I heard was more stable... And I dont need to invest in the 70 dollar Controller card later on. And will the OCZ Monster 2 be enough to Cool such an Extreme Overclock? If not, I'll definately go with the first, because I dont want to deal with Peltiers and the like.
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  1. No offence intended my friend, but if you could break this down into some kind of readable format (i.e., paragraphs, separated questions), I'd be glad to take a look. As it is, it's like trying to read an "ingredients" label on a t.v. dinner.

  2. None taken, I just wanted to get everything in there.. heh
    Well, I made my decision, Because I noticed the 1100 duron had no warranty or guarantee because of the extremity of the overclock. So I am going with the first.. thanks anyway.
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