Overclocking 1.1 T-Bird

Work gave me a 1.1 T-Bird along with some other goodies. Want to overclock but do not see much (if anything) said regarding a 1.1 or 1.2 T-Bird. Anyone know how much I can expect as far as Overclocking? What about cooling (Heatsink/Fan)?
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  1. I got my 1ghz tirb to go up to 1.3ish on a kt7
    Its the blue core so i dont know if that helps it or not
    get good memory and see how far yu can push the multiplier and fsb together.

    good luck
  2. Thanks for the tip. BTW I went out and got a GlobalWin FOP 32-1 for the heatsink/fan. Will apply with Arctic Silver. Will also have a six fan case setup so I think that between all of this the temp should be just fine.
  3. yeah i got 6 fans in case, GlobalwinFOP38, but no arctic paste and thats how far i got. temps run between 90-120 overclocked that far
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