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I'm running my FC-PGA PIII-733 (not overclocked) on a CUSL2-C. The thing it my board temperature is about 39C but my processor will hit about 50C, even 55C sometimes. I'm cooling it with a Golden Orb with some thermal paste and I am wondering if this is normal. Thanks.
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  1. I'm using a 700 at 933 on the same board and getting similiar results. 1 degree C cooler at 700 than at 933!
  2. I definatelyt got a porblem with my p3 600 katmai processor
    when i boot the temparature is at 75C and when i play a game it can rise to about 88c.
    Im surprised the processor still works. I use the standard intel cooler.. in a box .. anyone know what i can do about this?

    Hey man i dont know .. i just think i do !!
  3. Put on a larger cooler, use a good thermal paste (people say Artic Silver is the best, but I use cheaper stuff).
  4. Crashman, what cooler are U using? I've just changed to the FOP-32i and it's running at 50C CPU, 40C mobo. immediately after a session of Mech4. FOP-32i is definitely better than Golden Orb.
  5. I'm using the big black version of the Intel cooler. But I think I could drop a few degrees by using Artic Silver, as my cooler is not even warm to the touch! (Pink stuff must not be that good a conductor)
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