AX34 Pro II Overclocking?

I have this board and was wondering if someone else does and would be willing to help me overclock the damn thing? I got a Pentium III 700E with cBO stepping in it. Same thing thats in this system. But this system clocks to 950+ and I cant get it past 840 on the AX34. I know that CPU has more head room in it. I just cant seem to get BIOs right or something. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. I have the same board and a cel 566 that is good to 850+ but on this board 708 is the max I can get, when the jumpers for bus speed range (to the right of the ide connectors) is set to 100-124 the system will not post.
    Further, the core voltage for the cpu does not seem to set right. I am continuing to try to figure out what is going on with this board if I get it I will post it here.
  2. Well? Any luck? I think its a AGP/PCI divider issue. But these BIOs suck! I hate them! I should have bought another Asus board. Oh well. Tell me if you figured anything out man.
  3. The AGP/PCI divider is most likely the problem for my setup the AGP divider would be 1/1 and setting the FSB to 100mhz if the divider does not change to 2/3 then my video card would not run. I have no idea how to set that in the BIOS either. Ya I should have gotten the Asus CUSL2 or the CUV4X. I will check out the BIOS on my lunch break to see if the AGP divider can be changed manualy.
  4. Well get back to me if you figure it out. I am looking all over for some help. No luck so far though. Good luck.
  5. No luck no answers. This just sucks on my old board I ran at 850 same procesor same entire setup but the board, but no this board just will not have it ($#%#$^#$^##*) the best I can say is good luck if you ever get it to work let me know @

  6. I think I am gonna ditch this board and go for another Asus. I went cheap on my 2nd comp and it bit me in the ass. That will teach me. I figure I will just pull that board. Maybe drop in a Celery II. If i cant get anything to go over 120 FSB then I will just drop in a 66 mhz Celeron and then push it to 120 FSB. Hehe. SUCK ME AOPEN! Asus CUSL2 or Asus CUV4X is looking pretty good. Good luck to ya.
  7. Should go to 933 at 133 bus at 1.70-1.75v. Don't know what chipset you have, but the 815E boards jump down to 1/2 AGP 1/4 PCI dividers when you hit 133. If you want to replace the board, the CUSL2-C has the best reputation.
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