Pentium MMX 200 @ 300 Mhz???

I just wanted to know if any of you has ever got a Pentium 200 MMX running at nearly 300 Mhz. That's because I am running it at 225 (75*3) and I am going to get a second-hand mobo supporting 83*3'5. Which voltage did you need? Surprisingly my CPU runs with complete stability using 2'5 volts when it is supposed to run at 2'8 volts.
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  1. The multiplier is locked on the least I think. I never was able to get my 233 to accept any other multiplier setting. I also asked around and from what I hear it can't be done............"can't" is such a strong word. If you get a motherboard that will support 83 FSB then it should work fine at 250 (249). I would increase the voltage to standard though (2.8), instead of running it at 2.5. Before I replaced it, my pentium 233mmx was running at 266mhz rock solid. My board did NOT support 83 FSB but there a many out there that do. If you are going to buy a new socket 7 motherboard make sure it is a super 7 board so that you won't have any problems with the 83 FSB or upgrading to a k6-2 or k6-3 later if you want to go that route. For the money though, I would go with the Duron and socket socket A combo if you have to pay for anything.
  2. On my ASUS P5A i got a P200mmx to run @ 250 @normal voltage.


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  3. 83? I've witnessed a 200mmx running 100mhz bus speed back in the day, though I can't remember what the final was. I suppose it was running the lowest multiplier whatever that is on the mmx's. The core doesn't get much out of the high bus speed, but the fpu and memory ops (obviously) are incredibly fast for such a slow cpu. If you're running a small web/ftp server, this is a must try. If it runs solid at 83 or higher, you got the ticket.

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