Overclocking P3-500 --> P3-800

Rumors say that some P3-500 actually are P3-800. How can I find out that my P3-500 is a P3-800?
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  1. ovrclock it a step at a time until it wont run then try to up the voltage to get it to run stable
    it is really a hit and miss on overclocking because two identicle systems can perform dramatically different when overclocked
  2. i got a 550 doin 733 easily @133mhz bus stable and temp maxes at 46c
    yesterday i upped the fsb to 148 and got 814 stable with default 1.65v (played q3 ran sandra sisoft etc)all this is being done with the standard hsf
    im wondering what kind of heatsink (jus a air cooled one )shud i buy for the cpu
    since at 814 my bios temp says 53c, AFRAID to go higher since im using standard hsf
    here are my specs:
    asus p3v4x mainboard
    ati radeon 32mb sdr o/c 194/194 w/ coolmaster slotfan oooling
    sb live mp3+
    us robotics 56k pnp hardware modem
    fujitsu 20gig hdd
    4x4x24 lg burner
    128 stick of 133mhz memory
    p3 - 550
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