Do mp3 cd players exist?

I have been wondering if there is a cd player (possibly portable) that is capable of reading data discs with mp3s, and converting it to sound. The only extra hardware this would need is an mp3 decoding unit, since all cd players/roms can read audio/data cds. Do these cd players exist?

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  1. Yes, like the Soulplayer and the Rio Volt.

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  2. Dlink has one, Compaq has one coming out soon, Philips has one and there are a bunch more.

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  3. There are a ton out there - you'll find some reviews at say Envy News and Cnet.

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  4. they do make portable mp3 cd players and i know that in england you can get them for about £55 i suppose that is just about $100. You can even get ones that play other formats.
  5. I bought a RioVolt portable digital audio CD player from as a gift. It works great and at and has an availible car adapter. It was a steal at only $159!!
  6. The SoulPlayer - DMP01 I think is the model - is basically the same thing as the Rio Volt... how much is that one going for in the US?

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