Help!! the best way to overclock a PIII 733

i understand that i have to change the bus speed but i dont know how .Can Somebody help
My system:
HP Pavillion 8760
PIII 733
128 pc100 ram
Motherboard chipset via 694x
bios: built id: pegasus-g 2.30.92

I dont have anymore information about my motherboard , not even the manufacturer, i think is asus.

thanks for ur help!!

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  1. To over clock the P3 733 you need a motherboard that supports selecting FSB above 133 via swithes on the board or in the BIOS, I have never seen a pavillion that supports any fsb changes at all. the best I can say is get yourself a new mobo (asus cusl2, cuv4x or abit sa6r are good boards).
  2. Which one u think it will fit in my case??
    or any of this three??
  3. These mobo's are all standard ATX form factor so if your case is an ATX case all three will fit. some other considerations are intergrated video and sound if you do you will need to replace them also. If you have a scaner and a camera you could send me a picture of the inside of your case and I could help you better.
  4. I think it is atx case cuz the mobo is similar at Asus CUSL2!!
  5. You have an atx setup there so the cusl2 will work, the only thing I see is the fan duct on the side pannel for the cpu may not line up right with the new board. So you should get a new heatsink/fan. (I use the alpha pep66)
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