Fraps or Bandicam to record Minecraft with this build?

Win 7 64-bit
AMD E-350 Dual Core 1.60 GHz
3.00 Gb, 2.60 Gb useable
AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics card

Ive heard Bandicam is better for recording on weaker computers, ive recorded with fraps and gotten decent fps, by decent i mean good enough (20-25), i havent used Bandicam. So, Which would you reccomend, i havent bought bandicam yet and am asking which is better for my computer before i do.
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  1. I haven't used Bandicam yet, but I know that Fraps records uncompressed video, so this means it doesn't use a lot of resources at all. Bandicam may be better though, I'm not sure how it records... :)
  2. I would use bandicam considering the file-size on fraps is harsh...just look up cracked bandicams should work :)
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