Need help buying a good overclockable MX card

I'm looking for a good overclockable MX video card. I like to tweak a lot and play a few games from time to time. I'd prefer a card without a fan so I could attach a better fan than the OEM. Also, I dont care for the dual output cards since I'm only using my monitor. I realize there is a lot of luck involved as well. Any tips would help!!
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  1. Your best bet is probably Guillemot's 3D prophet II MX (retail version). It comes with a little higher quality RAM than most at 5.5 ns running at (initially :) ) 183 MHz. Most of the OEMs run at 166. The gpu runs at 175 and has a passive heatsink on it. I'm running at 195(gpu)/190 with no problem at all, and I'm probably leaning on the safe side, I know other people have taken it higher without doing anything to the card. I personally want to get heatsinks on the memory and a fan on the gpu to take it higher. There is an excellent article at:
    with more info and specs on overclocking MXs, and another one at:
    with info on this card in particular.
    HTH, good luck!
  2. I would second on that one. The Herc doesn't seem to overclock very well at all. I've seen cards with std memory that performes better than their 5.5ns memory.
    Now. The Gainward Cardexpert Golden Sample. Now that's an overclockable card. It's got Elite 5.5ns memory. I have mine at 215/250 core/mem.
    Yes I did apply some additional cooling on both RAM and core, but I've also read it's possible to reach those speeds without extra cooling.
    Here's a link. It's german, but you'll get the point.

    Good luck on your buy.

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  3. I have prophet II mx, and I like it. I got the retail version with the faster ram, an have it oc'd to 215/215. I threw a fan off my 486 dx 40 on the heatsink. I'm probably going to drop the ram down a notch though, I'm getting nervous having it run that fast w/o a heatsink.


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  4. Yeah- putting a heatsink on that memory would be a good idea... Also, by doing that you could probably overclock a little bit more.

    -MP Jesse
  5. I have my Prophet Mx2 running at 210/210 without any extra cooling and it is rock solid
  6. if you really want to go crazy, try getting ram sinks and a blue orb for the gpu. those thwo works great.

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  7. You got balls. Big ones.

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  8. At first I was thinking about selling my GF1DDR and get a MXDDR, but after my friend bought one and let me use it, may be not.

    But then again he only got a O/Ced P3-563Mhz would change alot if it was on a 1Ghz I guess.

    Best regards
  9. I got a Leadtek GF2 MX... it's got a fan on the GPU already.
    I've got it to 235/215 core/mem, rock stable. Could get better with hsf on the memory though.

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