Is there any off line games on battlefield 3

Hi is there any off line games on Battlefield 3,only i am not ready for a online game just yet,best wishes Brian
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  1. other than the campaign no.

    the only way to get ready for online is to wade in there, and get on with it.
  2. Hi ,lol wonderful,but thanks any way .
  3. Just get on the multiplayer and have fun. I did I was cr@p, I still am Cr@p but its fun so i dont care. BF3 doesnt have the whiners and insults of CODMW3 so just go for it.
  4. One of the great things about BF3 is that you can provide a lot of support to your team without actually having to be that good at FPS combat.
  5. There are some unranked servers if you want practice before joining a ranked server.
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