Xbox 360 on a Hannspree 23'' monitor

I play xbox360 on my Hannspree monitor but i cant get it to look as good as it does on my tv, it seems to have a foggy overlay i don't quite know what to call it. If i hook the monitor up to my pc it looks perfect. I have both HDMI cable and xbox360 VGA cable both show the same. I got the display settings correct any body know what else i should do?
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  1. Your tv will upscale the incoming signal, so it is shown at the tv's native resolution, your average computer monitor does not do this, but stretches the image instead.

    This means that if your Hanspree has a 1920*1080 pixels native resolution and you feed it a 720p signal, it streches the image to almost double size. When monitors run images at a lower resolution than their native one, the image will look blurry and unsharp.

    Televisions tend to cost far more than average monitors, so the built in scaler will almost always do a better job with upscaling to native resolution.

    This problem will dissapear if you're able to feed your Hanspree a signal that matches it's native resolution.
  2. My monitor is 1920*1080 and i have it set to that on my xbox display settings. its still the same problem.
  3. Have you adjusted the refresh rate as well? Most monitors appear blurry at 25/50Hz but sharpen right up with a refresh rate of 59/60Hz.
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