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I was wondering if I could reach 250 fps on CoD4 with a Radeon HD 6870 and an i5 2500k. I dont need to be on the highest settings :). Thanks.
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  1. Why do you want 250 FPS?

    Do you have a display capable of displaying 250 FPS?
  2. I was just wondering :) And yes I do :D
  3. Hi :)

    Which monitor is that precisely ??

    Although the human eye CAN see over 200fps....you cannot tell the difference between 200 and 250....

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Why dont you try it first.. run Fraps (to bench mark your FPS) during the game,.. and see which setting could reach up to 250 fps..
    if its possible. it would appear right there
  5. Yeah you would have to benchmark it yourself since all the sites I visit only care about what level of settings does it maintain functionality (Not 5FPS) or what frame rate does it get at max settings. Also I'm interested in what monitor you have exactly because I haven't seen any consumer monitors capable of displaying 250 FPS (the closest I have seen can display 240 FPS) that aren't insanely expensive. Also don't confuse Plasma TV refresh rates and LCD refresh rates as they are two different types of technology.
  6. a 6990M (laptop GPU) can run MW3 at 250 fps on lowest settings at 1024x768, according to some benchmark website.

    considering desktop 6870 should be better than laptop gpu I say it should be possible
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