Help!!Celeron II 566 and 1,7Volts

Hi everyone. I've had for quite a while a celeronII 566 with a default Vcore of 1,5 Volts. I've got it running 877 at 1,7 V. without a problem so far.

My brother just bougth another 566 Mhz one but I was surprised to see that it was labeled as a 1,7 Volts Vcore unit. The capacitors -or whatever they are- on the back of it look different and stuck in a different manner; besides it's got more. Are these -becouse of the higher voltage-worst production yield units or something? Are all 566 coming out now at this Vcore? Why such a jump?
Are they harder to overclock? If mine does 877 at 1,7 volts, will this other one do it at its default Vcore? Uhmmm...

Thanks everyone.

Saludos a todos
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  1. Hey I have heard that the new cCo core stepping requires the 1.7 vcore and they O/C very well.
  2. Thanks.
    We've already pushed it to 808 mhz (95x8,5) at ITS default 1,7 Volts. Won't do more at that voltage, but considering that's its default Vcore it is quite a good overclock, isn't it?
    Thanks again.

    Saludos a todos
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