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Help!!Celeron II 566 and 1,7Volts

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December 17, 2000 9:17:01 AM

Hi everyone. I've had for quite a while a celeronII 566 with a default Vcore of 1,5 Volts. I've got it running 877 at 1,7 V. without a problem so far.

My brother just bougth another 566 Mhz one but I was surprised to see that it was labeled as a 1,7 Volts Vcore unit. The capacitors -or whatever they are- on the back of it look different and stuck in a different manner; besides it's got more. Are these -becouse of the higher voltage-worst production yield units or something? Are all 566 coming out now at this Vcore? Why such a jump?
Are they harder to overclock? If mine does 877 at 1,7 volts, will this other one do it at its default Vcore? Uhmmm...

Thanks everyone.

Saludos a todos

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December 18, 2000 6:51:13 PM

Hey I have heard that the new cCo core stepping requires the 1.7 vcore and they O/C very well.
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December 18, 2000 8:29:45 PM

We've already pushed it to 808 mhz (95x8,5) at ITS default 1,7 Volts. Won't do more at that voltage, but considering that's its default Vcore it is quite a good overclock, isn't it?
Thanks again.

Saludos a todos