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Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter vs Advance Warfighter 2

Just wondering, since I'm looking for a decent tactical shooter. And I've known the Ghost recon series for a while just never played the Graw series.

or if you know any other good (Newer) Tactical Shooters Please suggest them.

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  1. Both are great games and finished both on hardest difficulty, i would have to say the first one is probably harder. Although the second one does have more options.

    I would suggest the first one especially since it wont have a very big price tag on it and then if you enjoy it a lot the second one.
  2. Both are $10, so price doesn't matter (I don't want to spend 20 though and then not like it)

    So ignore price, and give me your personal experience and which one toy enjoyed more.

    Thanks for the reply

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    well it has been a while since i played the first one, and it might just be the point of being the earlier version of the game but i would suggest the first one. I reckon it has a better story line, more challenging and better game play.

    The story doesn't run in a sequence but it does have some same characters and i find it better to play the prequels first.

    so the first one would be my option
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