Houston area o/c in need of a partner.

Alright, I've never actually built a cooling apparatus before, but i've kept up on the ideas and concepts behind overclocking the best I could without actual experience. I'm going to build a new system here in the near future, most likely the TB1200 with about a gig of ram. I do 3D and digital art and need something with value and strength. I also need someone cool to show me the o/c and watercooling ropes. My name is Chuck and I live in Houston, Texas. I'm 21 year-old and currently attending the art institute of houston. Look forward to hearing from people. Thanks.

"...and remember, when you touch yourself, the saints cry."
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  1. This sounds like a personals ad.
    In that case, my name is Bubba, SWM in search of SWF with very large chest.
  2. Heh. You've got more guts than I do. I thought the same thing, but my couple attempts at humor in this forum have fallen flat, so I didn't try. Good job!

  3. Hahaha, no [-peep-]?

    Well I didn't intend for it to sound like gay porn or anything. But I wanted to let anyone who was interested know I wasnt some 15 year old high school kid letting mommy and daddy buy me everything. The few tech-skilled friends know little or nothing of over-clocking, just slightly less than me I might add. Regardless, thanks for the reply man.

    "...and remember, when you touch yourself, the saints cry."
  4. It was just a joke (unless of course there is a large breasted woman out there looking).
    I hope no one takes offense. I hope we can all keep some humor in this newsgroup, I have seen some really nasty groups where people get flamed for just about anything.
    So far, everyone here has been good humored and easy going (execpt for those AMD vs. Intel debates).

    no matter what, the people here (including myself) will help you with your overclocking adventures.
    Just ask away.
  5. Chuck, although I'm spoken for at the moment, I have recently ventured into the watercooling idea myself. I built my own system. I haven't put it in the computer yet because I need to make a few modifications before I can trust pumping water in my system. I have to say that the baby dissipates heat like a son of a gun though. To test it, I held a large propane torch on the heat sink part for like 20 seconds. As soon as I took the flame off it, I was able to put my hand on it. It even cooled to room temp within seconds. Pretty cool if you ask me. I am planning to make a web page including this info and pictures, but I don't know when I will get around to it. I can send you a word document I typed up about it if you'd like.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  6. Yeah sure man, any help would be great. I may also be able to help you with web design, if need be. Here's a article one what I'm looking to build.



    "...and remember, when you touch yourself, the saints cry."
  7. interesting article. I made mine completely from scratch. I even used a small car transmission cooler for my radiator :). Mine was under 100 bucks which was nice. If you want that word doc, give me an email address. I will attach up the file. Web design advice is always nice considering I don't do it very often. I am fine with the basic HTML stuff, but I haven't really dove into the fancy java stuff and all that. I guess if you have any good web sites or documents on that stuff, it would be helpful.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
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