Windows XP Repair Registration Error

A while ago I had to get one of my hard-drives reformatted. After that Some Windows Installer kept on coming up and I was having problems on start-up (ex. running slow). I didn't realize I choose to install Windows onto my Secondary Drive.

Anyways today I decided to go and use the repair option. Everything worked well until I needed the CD key. I needed to go back on the net so I restarted my PC then it went to the installation; I choose to cancel it so I could hook up my other PC to get a Serial.

I went to go and setup XP but everytime I go to Install XP, after examining the drives it crashes and I get this error on a blue screen
Stop: 0x00000051 (0x00000001, 0xE1212B68, 0X002C8000, 0X000001D6).

I tried using another CD, but the same thing, again and again.

Any suggestions :?:
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  1. Format and start over.. You did make a back up of your data, of course..
  2. start from scratch.

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  3. A good rule is to only have 1 hard drive connected when you install windows.

    Also you want to install as many security patches as possible and enable a firewall and antivirus before 1st connecting to the internet. lets you download and automatically install hotfixes.

    If you suspect a hardware problem run memtest 86 and prime95 from dos to test your systems stablity.
  4. And this, everyone, is the example of what you learn from reading a book
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