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I recently purchased a PC game. I installed the game and stored the CD's. When I started the game, I realized that I needed CD 1 in the CD-rom drive in order to run the game. I wasn't aware of this because this is the first PC game I've bought in a long time.

So I happen to stumble upon a similar topic on this forum. What I gathered from that topic was that this is required in order to deter piracy? In the same topic I read that the CD isn't read constantly, rather periodically to check that the CD is still in the drive. Is this correct? Because my issue is that I have my laptop on a cooling stand that puts it at a 30 degree angle. I know some laptops have issues with reading CD-roms when not positioned on a flat surface. So I was wondering if having the CD-rom in my drive while my laptop is on my cooling stand will cause any damage to the drive. I'm assuming that if the CD isn't constantly being read, it should be okay?

Also I gather there is not legitimate way to run the game without having the CD in the drive?

Thank you.
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  1. Hi :)

    The cd will be fine at ANY angle....even 90 degrees....just put it in.....only LEGAL way to do it...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hi Brett,

    Thank you for your answer. My mistake for double posting, I was considering if the questions were too similar :whistle:. I removed the other topic.
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