Old ps1 japanes game

hey, i'm looking for an old game that i used to play but no matter how much i squeeze my mind i can't remember seem to remember it's name, i'm hoping you could help me with the little details i remember (sorry )
the game is about a crazy japanes man it starts in an office where every body is dancing and you have to follow the dance steps (the more steps you miss the reder the man's head becomes till he exploads).
in one of the next levels he's stock in an alevator , hanging after he fall from a building , kidnaped by robbers in a museum or somethin and they force him to steal a gold statu where he has to replace the statu by stuff that has the same weight as fast as possible.
that's all what i could remember abt the game i'm very thankfull if u could help me :love:
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  1. hahaha this sounds epic.
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