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I've recently (in the past month) have been getting insane FPS drops in league of legends. Here are my specs:

ABIT IL9 PRO Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.4ghz
Corsair 650W PSU
Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer Soundcard
Windows 7 32-Bit
500GB Seagate HDD
No spyware, scanned for viruses and video drivers were rolled back to version 260.99.

League of Legends isn't graphic intensive and yet, early-game (first 10 minutes) the frames are fine but they have these random drops to 30 FPS for a second and it goes back up.

Mid-game it gets bad. During action packed team fights or even in 2v2's the FPS takes a huge dive between 26-34 FPS. I normally used to get ~114 FPS at all times, now I can't push it at all.

I tried re-installing drivers, league of legends and repairing it. I'm at a loss. I want to get my FPS at a steady ~60 or whatever is playable, but 26-34 FPS on my machine is just terrible. I played CS:S, CS 1.6, and Tribes Ascend and they all perform just fine, except Tribes.

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  1. You may have a problem with heat,check all fans and remove all dust. Also check fan on video card.
  2. Hello, I do remember the patch prior to Fiora messing with my FPS too, but it was ok after a hard reboot.

    If you say you're experiencing performance degradation over time this most likely points to a memory leak or overheating problem.

    I would advise to get hwmonitor, speedfan or HWinfo to check your temperatures. Also as a precautionary measure, clean out/blow out any dust and check that the fans are working (check the PSU fan, some people forget that PSU needs to cool too).

    Drivers I have no comment on, my old laptop ran league fine on prehistoric drivers that weren't approved by riot, new computer runs fine on 285.62, I've had no reason to update to newer stable version thus far, but I probably will anyways in attempt to push some extra eye candy in skyrim.

    oh also, another thing I'd like to point out, league certainly can run above 60 fps just fine, but if you don't have a 120hz monitor I'd advise to vsync it at 60. No point making your GPU work harder than it needs to
  3. Hi, I've checked out the temperatures and they check out just fine. CPU was around 40c, GPU at 70c and results are consistent. I haven't cleaned out the dust although I'd have to take some components out I'd rather blow out dust in plain sight...I'll try it tonight but, if it was an overheating issue, wouldn't it effect other games, too? Everything but league performs exceptionally well
  4. hmm, only league, I'd say try reinstalling the game (not repairing it just delete everything and redownload) and try 285.62 drivers (if you haven't already). Temps look fine except for the screwed up sensor on the mobo (the one showing -250c) I'm not quite sure why your 12v rail showing only 6v, but I'm not an expert on motherboards so I won't stress it.

    as far as I know, although I haven't been following league as closely as I have in the past, riot haven't changed anything from a graphics stand point. The usual new skins and new skins etc, but no major engine changes that I've heard of. Although yesterday I had some hiccups from steam while patcher was running (might be unrelated, I'm due to check the logs today, didn't have time yesterday, but if anything this was a network issue, not fps)

    check your nvidia control panel for any settings that might conflict with league.

    Check your background processes while playing league. While your CPU should be plenty to run the game if there's anything bothering it in the background it might explain your fps drops. Try io game booster in worst case.

    check that windows power settings are at max performance

    I'm running out of ideas, any more info you can observe? Like does the CPU spike during fps drops or the GPU? Are you running short on RAM? things like that
  5. Well, I made a forum post on League of Legends and, there's a guide on how to increase FPS, now the issue I'm having has happened for a month and I've been playing for about 4-5 months now. So, if it were hardware related, it would probably be a damaged component.

    Now, when I change my PC to max performance, here's the kicker: league performs worse. There's a guide on how to fix FPS on league's official forums and it says balanced power settings would actually be better off.

    As far as background processes, the only thing on is AVG, an anti-virus. NVidia control panel doesn't have any options that I think would conflict. I have 4GB of RAM, but again...it wouldn't cause this, because this issue appeared randomly, it has to be software related.

    Here's the forum post I made: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1920751
  6. yes, but considering that fact that you've been running the game just fine 2 months ago doesn't seem like fps increasing guide should apply to you. Yeah you can turn down the resoultion you game on and decrease the graphics quality, those are two biggest things that will affect FPS. That said there's something else going on in your system causing you to experience such a severe performance drop
  7. I tried that, not the resolution but the graphic settings - league performed way worse. For some reason, if I lower graphic settings, everything plays choppy and I get lower frames. If I leave it on high, it'll atleast have its moments where it goes between 40~80
  8. sounds like your pc or gpu is downclocking because it's not seeing enough load
  9. I have it set to maximum performance within the graphic card options
  10. how about actual GPU core load and clock speed during league?
  11. GPU Temp is at 70C under load...clock speed, you mean processor speed? That'd be 2.4ghz...if I gave you wrong information let me know...I'll provide it
  12. umm yes, GPU has a clock speed too, which at idle goes down to not waste power.

    core load is typically given in % of maximum load

    a decent monitoring program like afterburner or hwinfo can easily display those statistics for you
  13. I know this may sound ridiciulous but LoL uses Adobe AIR for thier spectator modes. I had this same problem with my FPS dropping in LoL to 5-12 frames all game.

    My original version of Adobe AIR was 1.5.something and the latest version is 3.8.something. Once i upgraded my Adobe AIR I got a solid 60FPS all day with my video settings canked to the max.

    Try updating Adobe AIR...
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