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Freeware games or Betas? XP and up. Offline mostly.

Just wondering if there is a place for freeware games (full versions) or Betas anyone knows about? Online games are ok, but my internet is down and need mostly offline gaming.

Not emulators or bootlegs please.

Most of what I found is demos (even for older titles), payware, etc.

Looking for all styles and even classics or arcade type games and old console styles are ok (NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, 3DO, Playstation 1, etc).

Not trying to buy the newer titles at this time. It's mostly for fun and casual gaming.

Thank you.
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  1. Team Fortress 2.

    It's fun.
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    Hidden & Dangerous

    Prisim Guard Shield

    FreeOrion - Free version of Master of Orion - Seems interesting I just might download it myself.

    C-Evo - Based on the Civilization II commercial game.

    Gun Girl 2 - Old platform scrolling style game.

    Theseus - Return of the Hero - Ummm.... kill aliens...
  3. Free Rockstar classic games. GTA I and GTA II.
  4. Quote:
    Elder Scrolls: Arena. [...] 81566.html

    The game that started the Elder Scrolls series.

    Found that one. I thought about it. I will have to go through cnet and every single game in the list. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Anyone know if there is anything like Fallout 1 or 2 or Diablo style RPG's? I don't know if those are in the lists.

    Three more questions:

    - Is there a web-site with a list of the free releases or Open GL/freeware/etc games?

    - I read on wikipedia about a bunch of older games being released as Open GL/freeware/etc, how often are these sites to be trusted? Since it's on Wikipedia, I am sure it is legit...Don't want to be causing problems with my computer...

    - When installing some of these older titles that are OpenGL/Freeware/etc, I was reading to install DosBox, install something else (depending on the game/program) and that some of them are Windows 9.X and there is no mention of compatibility for XP, Vista or Win7. Can anyone recommend from experience if I should install the games in compatibility mode or if I just run it like normal and DosBox takes care of it? I'm trying to save time and not install multiple times. I'm using XP Home edition 32-bit SP3 and Vista Home Premium 32bit and 64-bit, not on Win7.
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  6. A decent list. I checked them out and I am happy people replied to help me get started if I end up getting into it.

    The other questions I had was does anyone know of any Diablo or Fallout 1+2 style RPGS's?

    Any info or more suggestions is appriciated.

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