How do you change your ip address in windows 7

I was booted offline on xbox but it was a complete internet boot, not a console one. Since then my internet has been extremely slow and constantly on a strict NAT type. The person who booted me told me to change my IP because of the 'virus' infecting my current IP with a download speed blocker. Any ideas?
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  1. Didn't we already go over this in a different thread? 1. If your NAT is too strict then change it. 2. Your ip is dynamic and changes all the time. 3. It can't be "infected" 4. You can't be booted off of your actual Internet connection. Does the Internet work on your comp fine? If so then the problem is with your Xbox most likely. Use to make sure you have a stable connection. because of the degree of sillyness in your post I also feel the need to ask, did you pay your Internet bill this month?
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