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I haven't bought any games in a while but plan to get Diablo 3. Any chance that I will be able to use one $59.99 copy on my desktop and laptop -- only one playing at a time -- or will I need to buy two? I'm on the road half time for work, but when I'm home my U2711s are much nicer to look at so I would like to have it on both.
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  1. I’m not sure about being able to play it on two computers you should be able to as most games now you have the option to login in, also diablo 3 is going to be on steam so if you buy it on steam you will be able to install it on both pc's using your login.
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    You can install D3 on both, just be sure to have the DVD with you on the road in order to play. Note: D3 is not like D1 & D2 read the Requirements.

    Go here:
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