Help with FOP 38 please.:)

I just got my GlobalWin FOP 38 in the mail recently. Centered on the bottom of the aluminum heatsink is a small, thin layer of soft, pinkish stuff (it was covered with one of those wax-paper sticker backings) right where the die of the tbird would be. Is this some kind of thermal compound, or will I still need to apply some silicone goo? :) Also, would it be a good idea to bend the "V"-shaped spring steel to lessen the force on the chip and socket? Thanks, any input on this is greatly appreciated.

|-----------| <-aluminum sink
|----+++--<------pinkish "stuff" (+'s)

<font color=blue>What good is 200fps in Quake III Arena when my monitor will only refresh at 85Hz? =)
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  1. I always bend the clip so it doesn't crush the core. Just something I do to be safe. I think it transfers heat just as well as a really tight clip. There is no way I am putting 30lbs. of pressure on that little fragile chip. I know some here disagree with me but I still stick by my opinion and experience.

    You can use the pink stuff as is. Or you can take it off and use some kind of thermal compound such as Arctic Silver. I wouldn't use both the pink crap and a thermal compound. To take the pink crap off, I used nail polish remover on a cotton ball.
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