Help how to figure out how to mod Skyrim files

can someone post what an unmodded steam skyrim folder looks like if i put back all the stuff that was replaced that shouldnt then maybe it will go back to the way it was before.
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  1. I don't understand your question...

    if you replaced some files how would you know if somebody lists what the skyrim folder looks like (on top of the fact that skyrim is not just 1 folder there's a lot of subfolders)

    TLDR; you should reinstall the game rather then trying to reinvent the bike
  2. i use this site to download all my mods. Theres a free download manager and it will automatically change anything for you. If you dont like it you can just deactivate the mod in the manger and you game will be back to normal. If you already modded the game using something different, your probably best uninstalling the game and starting from scatch to get everything back to normal.
  3. also, backup a copy of the whole game file before modding. i rendered morrowind useless due to excessive modding, and uninstalling then reinstalling did not prove to be a favorable solution.
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