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Hey, awhile back i made a post about gta 4 with some mods, now i have questions about this Game: Stalker Call Of Pripyat With the AMOSFEAR 3 mod. Im getting my new pc here in about 3 months (i cant wait!) And im scared that my pc wont run the game with the mod installed with maxium graphics And all the good stuff up as high as possible, I already know what im getting for my pc specs: Geforce Gts 450 1gb of video ram, 2 4 gb sticks of ram, My montior should be about 16inch in width and 10inchs in length. Im terrified that my gaming pc im getting wont hit the requirments of running it with better than 20fps. This is the only stuff im planing to get. But on the game side the atmosfear 3 mod requires plus 2 gb's of ram so about 4gb's to run the game and the mod installed. Me and my dad have really looked into this and i just hope i wont have any issues. Im dieing to have a great computer. Cya, and i hope you can help me out.
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  1. That's a small monitor (I believe the res. would be 1440 x 900), so you have that helping you out.

    You didn't say anything about your processor, but assuming it is decent, I would think that high settings would be possible while still getting above 30 FPS. You probably won't be able to play "ultra" settings, though.
  2. I have a quad core processor.
  3. As i said, i have a quad core processor, 3.6ghz processing speed, i hope you can help me out.
  4. I think you'll be able to run under high settings and get 30+ FPS, but probably not maximum settings. Let us know how it turns out. I'm pretty sure I remember Anandtech testing that card on CoP with your GPU and getting up in the 30's (at 1680x1050) with high settings, so with the lower resolution you're running, you might see similar results even while running the mod.
  5. That's just odd, i was on youtube yesterday and i saw a guy useing the gts 450 and a quad core with the atmosfear 3 mod (makes the game rediculasly more stunning graphics wise) Any way thanks for your help il let you know how it goes.
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