How do I clock this thing?

There's my motherboard: PIII 450 in the socket. I wanna overclock this Gateway Machine. Any help would be appreciated. I'm a newbie.
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  1. I wouldn't bother trying. Get a new board and case- then try overclocking- it'll be much easier.
  2. Forget what the last guy said. Try some of the overclocking software people in the other post have been suggesting. Even if you do get a new motherboard, the case should be just fine!
  3. First try softfsb you can get this From second you need to identify your clock generator for proper selection in softfsb then go from there. If you cant make anything work consider a new mobo you will not need a new case. For the clock generator it should be located on the right side of the ide slots behing the dimm slots if you cant find it let me know.

  4. the sftfsb program is no longer available at that site
  5. it's available at
  6. also sisoft sandra will identify your clock generator no need to open the case except to add better case cooling if you need it
  7. Does there even exist a p3 450 socket cpu?

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
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