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Ick... Video Artifacting with MSI K7T Pro2A

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December 29, 2000 12:06:33 AM

Frustration, frustration, frustration. That pretty much describes my situation. I ordered the following components about a month ago

900 mhz thunderbird
300 Watt enlight case
Chrome orb fan
Visiontek GeForce 2 GTS 32 MB
17" KDS monitor
128 MB PC 133 cas 2 crucial ram
20 GB 7200 RPM harddrive
50x CD rom

That's pretty much all the important stuff. The system runs fine with the exception of in 3D games. I get excessive artifacting in both Direct3D (3D Mark 2000 and UT) and OpenGL (UT with Loki's OpenGL driver). I tried updating the bios, getting new 4in1 drivers, changing video drivers(618, 631, and 647), changing videos (plugged in old, but working, TNT2), enabling/disabling features in bios (AGP 4X, video shadowing, fast write/reads), changing monitors. I reinstalled windows, this time putting in 4in1s, then video drivers, still no luck. I sent the motherboard back, my dad swears they sent a replacement because he put a visible gouge in the agp slot afterword, and the "new" one didn't have it. I dont know if he is telling the truth or not, but I trust him. Reinstalled windows again, this time with a parameter to disable ACPI, then installed 4in1s, then video drivers, again still got the artifacting.

So my question. What the hell am I overlooking? Any help, tips, half-clues would be greatly appreciated.

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a b V Motherboard
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December 29, 2000 5:24:18 AM

Hi silentstrike!
Your problem sounds very similar to the one that I've been having with my system:

Windows 98 or ME
800 MHz Thunderbird
MSI-6330 (K7T Pro) Motherboard
256 MB PC-133 SDRAM
30 GB Maxtor 7200 RPM HDD
Guillemot Maxi Gamer Phoenix (3dfx Banshee)
Creative CDRW
1.44 Floppy

Sounds like it should scream, right? Not! I've had problems with this system from day one. I've probably tried all the same things that you have:

1. Updated the Bios to the most recent posted on the MSI website.
2. Installed latest video drivers for the Banshee.
3. Installed Windows Updates to include DirectX 8.
4. Installed most recent Viatech 4-in-1 drivers.
5. Exchanged motherboard for a new one.
6. Tried using different video card.
7. Tried using different RAM. (PC-100)
8. Tweaked Bios settings.
9. Tweaked video settings.
10. Installed 3dfx reference drivers.
11. Reinstalled Windows (ME would lock up the system, so went with 98)

No matter what I try, I seem to have the same problem but not just with 3D games. It seems to be a problem with any game that uses DirectX. For me it's not so much artifacting as it is a choppy slowdown, speed-up, slowdown, speed-up cycle. It doesn't seem to affect any other Windows operations, streaming video, sound, web-browsing, or otherwise. If you happen to come across a fix for your problem, let me know. Perhaps it will solve my situation too.