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I've got a T-bird overclocked to 1ghz on an IWill KA266 board (DDR) with PC2100 memory- CAS 2.5. Anywho, I've never really played with overclocking the FSB- for fear of blowing out my new board. Who has experience with overclocking the FSB... i would really like to get all the performance out of my PC2100 memory. I know the chipset needs to be cooled- but what else?

-MP Jesse

UPDATE: My bus is succesfully clocked at 133mhz (266 DDR). Rock solid. This board rocks.
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  1. just up the fsb and try it. a lot of things depend on fsb overclocks the only way to know what a paticular system will do is try it.
  2. I tried increasing the FSB on my KT7-RAID board, since I didn't know about the multiplier lock when I bought my 800MHz T-bird. Frequent system lockups when booting Windows has lead me to believe the PCI bus can't take it, since it's speed is dependent on the FSB, and some cards (I have a 32MB Radeon DDR, SB Live 5.1 and Supramax modem) won't tolerate the tweak. Suggestions anyone?
  3. The chipset of the KT7 boards contains the VIA KT133. This chip is not stable at speeds over 110mhz, sometimes less. The KT133A is the chipset you need to overclock the FSB. As for the DDR boards, I have seen tests where the FSB have been overclocked close to 300mhz, or 150mhz DDR and stable. As for IWill mainboards, they are CRAP!!!! Buy a real motherboard, not the ones for your local PC Shop. Asus, Abit, Gigabyte, Epox, etc... are the boards for quality overclocking systems and stability.
  4. I would have to agree with kn7671 on that one.
  5. Hey, I had my KT7Raid board running at 111mhz FSB.. even when the stock chipset fan was failing (still turning but only at bout 100 RPM), with no problems, I just replaced the fan & heat sink with a copper 486 cpu fan and heat sink (it fits perfect!) and I'm now at 112mhz FSB.. just waiting for the weekend so I have time to push it as far as it'll go with the better HSF.
    My point is.. yes, the chip is stable over 110mhz FSB. Just take it 1mhz at a time, watch your memory (112mhz FSB with hclk+pci will push your memory up to 149mhz.. better have good RAM) make sure you have a good power supply. I know that's my problem right now.. and make sure you have good cooling (I still have the stock CPU fan, and the new chipset fan) Play with the core and I/O voltage, I have mine set at 1.725v and 3.5v and you should be able to push it over 110.

    *MY SYS*
    Duron 650@840 (112*7.5) (and climbing :)
    256MB Crucial PC133 CAS2 RAM (149Mhz CAS2 with Turbo Timing)
    KT7-RAID Mobo
    ATi AiW128 PRO 32mb
  6. Gemini: I guess I should have stated, is not VERY stable past 110mhz, meaning that is some cases over 110mhz have been accomplished, but in most cases 110mhz cannot even be achieved. You got a good chipset, some motherboards are a little more stable than others, but overall is what I am referring to, not your specific case. I can say abolutely that the KT133A is very stable up past 140mhz.
  7. So how do I attach my old 486 heatsink to the chip? The heatsink has what appears to be a copper sheet on it that is somewhat sticky. Is it safe to assume that my soyo k7vta-b mb will be able to handle a fsb of 105mhz? 110mhz? I seem to remember having to reinstall win2k after a failed overclocking attempt with a celeron/bx overclock and I don't want repeat history. Thanks for you help.
  8. If you are always testing out things that could possibly mess up your system software requiring a reinstall of all software, than you should get Norton Ghost, or PowerQuest Drive Image to back-up your entire PC. This will create a main image of your C drive, or whatever partition you specify, place it on a CD, second harddisk, or partition, and when things get jacked-up beyond your time to fix, then format your C Drive and restore from the image, simple as that, and usually you can be running again will all your software within 30 minutes or less depending on speed of your hardware.
  9. My KT7 is not even stable beyond 106 mhz FSB not matter what multiplier. Fortunately the Duron 600 runs 106 * 9.5, or 1008 Mhz without problems.
  10. I have Norton Ghost but have never used it. Will it span cd's? I have about 6 gigs on my C: partition.
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