I have xp and win-7 installed in my laptop but not giving option for win-7 or xp

I had xp and win-7 installed in my laptop, but somehow xp crashed. Then I installed xp from its bootable cd. After installation the options for the os are not being given & win-xp is booted automatically. How to activate the options to enable choosing from the two os? Pls reply.
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  1. Hello rajesh paul,
    When you re-loaded XP it over wrote the Win7 bootloader.
    You should be able to 'repair' the Win7 bootloader using the Win7 installation disk.
    from: http://superuser.com/questions/87864/how-to-get-the-win7-bootloader-back-after-installing-xp-as-well

    You can also try using EasyBCD for better control over your dual (or multi OS boot) boot options.

    Win7/WinXP Dual boot options
  2. But is this possible when the two os are installed in two different drives ,because i had them in two different drives before xp crashed. Now i dont have the win-7 installation cd. So how can i recover the problem??????
  3. What happened to you it is exactly what should happened from what you discription. The easiest way to fix it is to do what WR2 told you to do. If you don't have W7 CD at the moment than get one. You can use any w7 CD to repair the problem...get one from a friend or download one...as long as you have legal version of course.
  4. rajesh paul said:
    But is this possible when the two os are installed in two different drives.
    Yes, it's even a better option for dual or multi-boot systems.

    Try using EasyBCD and see if that can fix the problem for you.
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