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Bf3 freezing with a 570

Friend is freezing on bf3 with his 570, he said it looks exactly like this. (the freeze starts around 2:58)

We've tried a few things already, do you guys have any ideas?
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    Well if what is happening to you is the same as what's happening in the video, your VRAM's memclock is OC'd too high or you don't have voltage set high enough to support it. Pretty good laugh to hear this kid spaz out about this :P.

    Post what clocks you're running at, and regardless up your voltage to at least 1088mv (1.088v) in msi afterburner. A lot of the superclocked 570's in particular were shipped with voltages that would sustain the clocks during a lot of common benches, but not during certain games that didn't play nice with all overclocks, bf3 being one of them.
  2. the 570 is just a plain ol' stocked version.
  3. Up your voltage. A freeze like that is classic failure with the memory, due to 1 thing or the other. Either way is resolved with first increasing voltage to bios max, and if that doesn't work, downclocking the mem. If you get to the point where you have to downclock your mem, you have a faulty card and should RMA.

    Just out of curiosity which driverset are you using as well? Hopefully 295.73 or 296.1.
  4. I had him DL the latest (296.10) to try and fix the problem since the problem was still happening before he updated the drivers.

    I just tried a workaround for the bf3 punkbuster when using msi afterburner.
    Apparently punkbuster is accessing restricted memory locations reserved for the gpu. Trying this out first, if it doesn't work, we can try downclocking the memory.

    Edit: didn't work =[
  5. how much of a downclock to the mem would you suggest?

    Edit: We're trying 1700 mhz for the memclock speed, down from 1900(With stock voltage)
    Edit: Downclocking didn't work... sigh...
  6. Max the voltage to the bios limit before you bother downclocking. Also can you post a screen of your GPU-Z and the exact make/model of your 570? Also a link to where you read about punkbuster eating memory allocated for afterburner or gpu processes. I use afterburner myself and even during the manual punkbuster update days a couple of months ago, never had any issue with it in that regard.
  7. It was a bc2 problem, but i'm desperate, so i've been trying tons of things.

    I just increased the voltage to 1.088 and had him join a non-punkbuster server to see if it runs without freezing.

    Sec on the gpu-z screenies, he just got in a game to check for stability.
  8. the simple .088v bump was all it needed, thanks man!
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  10. Awesome. Glad it helped.
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