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Hi there, I wondered if anyone might be able to help.

Being the family "techy guy" (every family has one and, in all
probability it's you), I was approached by one of the aforementioned
family members and asked if I could spec a budget home security
system. My immediate thoughts (in no particular order) were:-

1) That's going to need knowledge of wireless and spycam setups

2) I don't have any experience of wireless and spycam setups

3) I really should learn to say "I've no idea, uncle. Sorry."

I said I would look into it, but my research thus far hasn't
enlightened me any further. Perhaps I'm getting too long in the tooth.
Perhaps my 4yr old nephew will be inheritor as "techy guy" a little
sooner than I'd imagined.

So that's my situation. Here's my thoughts so far. I have information
gaps which I'm hoping someone here might be able to fill.

Small Form Factor PC running Linux. SFF due to the simple expedient of
being small and relatively unobtrusive and/or hidable. Best hidable
place would be the attic/loft, which would make any PC maintenance a
tad tricky. Speaking of which, it would need to be as hands-off as
possible. I get to make enough housecalls involving PC problems as it
is. :P

I'd have to go with Linux (for budgetary reasons). Tho I've never used
Linux, I have (in the past) used various versions of Unix. I'm fairly
confident I can get it up and running and (with my old friend Google)
get the capture card installed and configured. Assuming some/all cards
can run under Linux... would I need the manufacturer's drivers, or
does Linux have such a thing as a generic capture card driver?

I realise I may be asking some of these questions in the wrong group

Which brings me to the capture card. I've seen some on eBay, but
wouldn't know where to start in choosing the most suitable. Suggested
models and/or things to look out for would be appreciated.

Same with the actual cameras. I'd hoped for 4 cameras, which is
possible judging by the cards I've seen... assuming they're what I'm
after. I'm working to a tight budget, but the importance of a
hassle-free setup means I'd be willing to spend a few pennies more if
I need to.

A further possible requirement would be (in addition to
motion-sensor-triggered recording to local HD) the automatic uploading
of images from the PC to an online location... not all images, for
bandwidth reasons, but restricted uploads e.g. 1 frame in 5. Just
enough to capture the image of a potential burglar, should they find
the hidden PC and take the evidence with them.

That would be the paranoid option which I'd happily forego if the
expense/technical knowledge is beyond my means. Burglars don't look in
the attic, do they? :)

Also... the wireless infrared cameras I've seen for sale... do they
perform well in well-lit conditions, or would they only offer
protection from dusk till dawn?

Told you I had a few information gaps :P

TIA for any help/advice you might be able to offer.


Craig McDonald
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless (More info?)


    DLink makes some wireless cameras that do motion detection, recording
    of data, and all run over a wireless network. They're rather uly, so
    you'll have to get creative in hiding them.

    With these cameras, you can set up a regular PC to connect and pull the
    data down. DLink *gives* you the software to do this. It's all pretty
    simple. That, and you can have multiple cameras.

    Feel free to contact me for a price quote.

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