BF 3 Crashing on Launch

Me and my brother both snapped up BF3 this weekend when it was 50% off online. My download is fine but he is crashing on launch. He hits launch from the web menu and it says crashes. I talked to him over the phone so I cant see it myself. I had him check his drivers, and now he is deleting it and reinstalling it. He said the error window pretty much says BF3 has stopped working....

His specs are

HD Radeon 5970m
i7 (1st gen)
6gb of DDR3 ram

It is an ASUS g73j gaming laptop.
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  1. Does he get a video drivers have crashed and recovered on his taskbar, or does he get a disconnected from EA notice on the prompt in his browser window?
  2. pretty sure it is not due to servers, I personally think it is a video drivers issue, but all the error says is BF3 has stopped working
  3. See if the reinstall solves it. If he has partitioned drives or what have you, remember that origin and bf3 need to be on the same drive and partition as the operating system.

    I know what popup he's getting from your description now, but that's not usually related to video drivers at all. The video driver message usually comes up from the task bar in the lower right and says xxx has failed and now recovered and so on. It's quite a long message. The one you are describing usually comes from a prolonged hang (after which you get the message he is getting). It can result from system memory being completely eaten (unlikely with 6gb unless he has a driverset with an actual system memory leak).
  4. I recently had an issue with BF3 and origin. I installed it on my desktop and worked perfectly. The next day I installed on my laptop (from Origin). It would go to launch but then nothing would happen. I read online all about the remove the trademark from the registry and folder names. This did not resolve the issue. I tried reinstalling from the hard disk and trying the repair installation in the Origin program.

    I surprisingly fixed my issue by installing the correct graphics drivers (another issue but I won't go into it). Once installed with new drivers and a restart it loaded right up. It loads but is automatically minimized (heard this is a common occurrence).

    Just thought I'd give my 2 cents about this since I fought with all day this past Friday. I won't plan on using Origin for anything else. Why can't everything on PC just go through Steam.
  5. Off topic but how does Origin relate to you fixing your game by installing correct video drivers (implying that you had incorrect video drivers to start with)? Seems like an issue between your video card, the drivers, and the game software itself. I'm presuming you had to update because you had pre-launch drivers and the game won't function on them, and forces you to update like everyone else had to when the game was released. Just fyi this is a function of the launcher from battlelog, and isn't related to Origin in any way.

    Also, there is a script you can run to disable BF3's binding to Origin, and you can add the BF3 exe to steam. There are a lot of guides on how to do this. Most people just don't bother since steam uses more system resources and since you don't have to manually launch Origin if you have Battlelog in your favorites.
  6. I'll give him a call in a few hours and see if its working... He is kinda noobish when it comes to troubleshooting computers....
  7. video driver is good. turned off firewalls, reinstalled origin, repaired game, changed all the TM from the files..... nothing works, same error.
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