hdd disapeard

I had to reinstall xp (some file got corrupted). Everything is fine except one of my hdds is missing from windows. Ive checked on computer managment and just the one largest of my hard drives are there (with 2 partitions as it should have).

My other hard drive which also had 2 partitions doesnt show. But before I had to format my os partition and reinstall xp into that partition, there were no problems.

Any ideas?

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  1. Check your jumper settings on the drive. Check BIOS to see if it shows up there and that the controller isn't disabled or set to anything other than AUTO.

    Also, check your cables, etc. If the drive has power, it should be spinning if you touch it. If not, it might be dead.

    In the worst case, BIOS should detect it even if Windows doesn't.
  2. Making the assumption that the second hd is okay, and another assumption that you have them on the same ribbon cable attaching to Primary on the mobo, do the following:

    Change the jumper to Master on your 1st hd, and Slave on the 2nd (occasionally "cable select" stops working). Make sure the 2nd hd is on the middle connector, and if there is a blue end, that goes into the mobo Primary. (An 80 conductor cable is much better than a 40.)

    Reboot and go into BIOS. If your 2nd hd is there, Windows will find it.

    Check all of this out and get back to us.
  3. Just change the cable, and.. reinstall XP once again, hehehe.

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  4. I wolud strongly suggest not to use XP at all, win2k will do much better.

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