Asus 6850 Issues, please help

Hello. I am having some odd issues running games on my machine.
World of Warcraft reports that it is running 60fps on the ingame fps counter with everything maxed out on ultra, but goes insanely slow when ever i turn, but when walking straight it is fine.
Also, I am getting some HEAVY artifacts when I turn on antialiasing. This occurs in Skyrim as well. I'm not sure if this counts as slow fps, but whenever I'm walking it does the same thing as wow, however every few steps it will freeze for a second, the nreturn to normal, then freeze for a second again. Also, Skyrim automatically reccomends High instead of Ultra.

I think it is worth noting that this did not used to happen, but only happened after I was having issues with my pc crashing, then I blew everything away and completely reinstalled Windows 7, and all of my drivers.
I really hope someone can help me, and I really appreciate any input. Thank you!

GPU: Asus 6850
RAM: 8gb
CPU: AMD PhenomII 1100T x6 Black Edition (3.3 GHz)
MOBO: ASRock 870 Extreme 3
(Sorry, i don't think my first thread worked)
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  1. Artifacts is sometimes related to heat issues on your GPU or it can be also lacking power of your PSU in supplying for your GPU.
  2. I've had similar issues with older and newer games across different systems i think it has to do with drivers and registry.

    the best advice i can give is try different texture qualities and ingame setting. different thing can trigger driver issues... you can always try older or newer versions
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