Steam Issue - Darksiders Won't Start

i received Darksiders free with my computer. i downloaded it at the steam website, the install was clean. but when i click to play it, a window pops up and says "first time setup; 1 of 2". it quickly disappears and says "the game is currently unavailable, try again later".

i contracted steam. in the list of issues, in the drop down menu, one of the options was this very query (game says currently unavailable." i have since contacted them another time, each time getting only the automated do not reply email.

anyone else ever have this issue?
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  1. Hi mojorisin23

    Have you got the Steam client installed on your system, and do you have a Steam at all? If not, when you visited the Steam website originally did the related info suggest that Steam client would be installed automatically?
  2. Yeah, i alraedy have Batman listed under the steam account and that functions fine (although i'm not a huge fan of it; it also came free).

    Darksiders is also listed there with batman in my library of games.
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    Start Steam
    Go to library
    Right click on Darksiders entry
    Navigate down to Properties
    Click on Local files tab
    Click on verify integrity of game cache.

    If that doesn't help, I am afraid I am tapped out on what advice to offer
  4. Just a thought. Is there any evidence that the game is being updated - click the entry in your library. If it is the throes of an update you will be unable to access the game.
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