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Since I purchased the cooler master 212 evo and put it in my computer, games and videos started to lag. Every few seconds I can hear sound ripping and game will stop for the half of the second and then will continue to work and then again after few seconds same thing. It's so frustrating. Sometimes it's happening all the time and sometimes, but very rarely it's not happening at all. I try defragmenting the hard drives, ccleaner, taking the video card and memory out, scanning for viruses, running prime 95 and so on, but nothing helps.

Temperatures are fine, CPU on idle is 28 degrees, and on load it's not going above 46 degrees, GPU is on load around 65 degrees. Nothing is overclocked, and never was OC-ed. Before i got new cooler, I had stock cooler and CPU temperature was 35 on idle and sometimes on load it was going to 69,70 degrees but maybe just for a month and only when I played games, and I don't play games more than an hour or two on a day. I didn't have any problems with these temperatures but I bought the new cooler just in case couse I know that that temperature shouldn't go above 62 on my processor. Now I have fixed the heating issue but I have a new worse problem...

Can anybody help me, what else can I try to fix this stupid problem? Thank you.
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  1. Hi :)

    Try putting your OLD cooler back on...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hey Brett I don't think that is the right answer. :)
    I didnt put my comp. specification:

    Asus M4A87TD/USB3
    Phenom 2 965 @ 3.40Ghz
    Evga GTX 460 1GB
    4GB Mushkin 1600Mhz
    WDC 640GB Hard drive(100GB free)
    Antec Two hundred case(with two fans)...
    OCZ Stealth Extreme 2 700W

    I'm using win7 64bit and Symantec endpoint protection for antivirus, antispyware, network protection and I have installed new drivers for video card, and it's the same, nothing is changing.

    I also tried disabling the dvd-drives... I'm thinking that I have a hardware problem because it started happening when I installed that cooler and I think that I installed it properly, I used arctis silver 5 for paste. I've been looking on the internet for this kind of problem and there are a lot of questions but very little answers. Everything is repeating and going in circles. I really need some good advices. Thank you.
  3. Can anybody help me?
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    Turn off Cool&Quiet in your BIOS,

    take a look at CPU affinity for the title you are playing... some games run better on only 1 core (some older games).

    CPU may be damaged by running so hot before changing to the new cooler.

    Try setting your BIOS settings to default and then adjust for optimum effect.

    Make sure no wires or connectors are hittimg cpu fan blades.

    Re-apply The Arctic Sikverm remember, too much is as bas as too little.

    Just some ideas.
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