which duron to get to overclock?

hi, i am going to get a duron soon to overclock.
i am really new to this thing and need help on which duron chip should i get.
i am looking to get it to work at 1Ghz...
duron 700, 750, 800????
thanks for the help!!
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  1. I've seen Duron-600s at 1Ghz. It all comes down to luck when you overclock. You really just increase your chances of being able to hit 1Ghz if you buy a chip with a higher frequency rating.
  2. I have a Duron 600 @ 950 but it also does 1GHz.
    There are also reports on this forum about Duron 700s or 750s not being able to get over 850MHz. I have a friend with that exact problem. I have not yet been able to determine if it is the board, the bios, or the powersupply.
    I would get a 600 or 650 and save some money. I say this because a Duron 600 @950 is the same as a Duron 850 @950. There is no difference in cache and they are running at the same speed so they are equal when overclocked to the same speed.
    Either get a Duron 600 or a T-Bird, there is no sense in messing with what is in between (if you are overclocking, that is).
  3. I could get my duron 700 to run at 1ghz, but when running Prime95 I ran into errors, even at 1.85v. So I just put it down to 900, and it runs fine there, at 1.6v. I'd try for 950, but I would have to raise the voltage significantly, and my case has limited cooling capabilities, so I'm just going to let it be. If I could do it again, I would buy the duron 600 instead of the 700, as Bubba says.

    Duron 700@900 Asus A7V 1003
    128mb PC100 WD 30gig ata 100
    prophet II mx
  4. You can have a look at the CPU database at www.overclockers.com, according to this database, the best overclocker is the Mhz Duron. The average overclocked speed for a 700 Mhz Duron is 951 Mhz, the highest 1150 Mhz; for the 650 Mhz Duron the average is 880 Mhz and the highest 1144 Mhz; and for the 600 Mhz the average is 927 Mhz Mhz and the highest 1300 Mhz using extreme overclocking. But have a look at there for yourself.
  5. Get a Duron 1Ghz... DOH!!! they don't make those yet.

    -MP Jesse
  6. I haven't heard of a single Duron the won't overclock but not all will get to that illusive 1000 mhz. If you don't want to trust your luck you might try buying from one of the outfits that pre-test the processors for overclocking.

    I like ocz.safeshopper.com (aka www.overclockerZ.com). Picked up a 1000 Mhz Duron, KT7 Mobo, and a good though not well known Monster II cooler all for $218. I also bought 128MB of OCZ's own Enhanced memory which is guaranteed to run CAS2 at 133 Mhz and CAS3 at 150 Mhz for $75. This was a couple of months ago. The combo is now $220 and the memory is $70 but it has been renamed "plus". They have other memory, some guaranteed to 175 Mhz, CAS3 and lots of overclocking gear.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by phsstpok on 01/11/01 00:09 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  7. I just finished building a duron system with the 800 mhz chip, and the Soyo K7VTA board. I've got the system running stable (I'm writing to you on it right now) at 1050 mhz. Yes, 1050. And that's without raising the front side bus at all.
    Oh, one thing to note about the processor... Its a red die Duron. I don't know if they're rare, or special or whatever, but its what I got in the box.
    Air-cooled HSF at that.
  8. My Duron650 ran @ 850 without any modifications but the multiplier. Upping the voltage to 1.85V increase the speed to 950Mhz, but it won't go any further than that.

    In my opinion this is the case: Duron 600 to 850 are identical except for the L1 settings; all chips are tested before they are marked and before the L1 bridges are set. Only if chips fails at high Mhz, they will be marked to lower Mhz, but since the results in overclocking between the Duron600 and Duron750 are more or less similar, this indicates AMD has a very high production standard and marks their "850-approved" just as "600Mhz", because they need to make these too, for the low-end market. So I think it's just a case of LUCK (getting a 1200Mhz-tested, marked and sold as 600 ;) ). But also: there are two AMD Socket A production factories: one in the States (I think) and one in Germany. The one in Germany seems to use a better copper CPU core, the American factory still uses Aluminium cores.

    If there are copper and aluminium Durons; are the copper ones in fact better for overclocking? How high can they go then?

    Interesting to hear if someone can verify this idea?

    Keep it cool!
  9. ...I cant understand why you should buy a 600mhz duron when you can get a 700 for the same money... and a 800 for like $10 more...

    <b>Voodoo</b><i>Child</i> :cool:
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