Tritton PC headset on Xbox 360?

Is there any way to get my Tritton PC510 HDA 5.1 PC headset to work on my xbox?

Like maybe some kind of cheaper adapter? Not looking to spend too much money. Nothing that's like $50+

But could I maybe take off the plug part for PC and put the Xbox one on? And do they sell those separately if so?

Thanks. I just don't want to buy two headsets if I don't need to.
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  1. Which Tritton headset do you have?
  2. Forgot to post it.

    Tritton PC510 HDA 5.1
  3. They look like AX Pro's without the dolby mixamp. Seems like they've gone the G35 route of putting a small surround soundcard in the hardware and operating it through usb, but kept the physical jacks for the different channels and sub. Technically they should work if you were playing sound through any 5.1 system but wouldn't have the emulated 360 surround, only the direct output from each speaker in the left and right cans, but you're not likely to have the physical jacks otherwise. Green male connector should give you standard stereo though.
  4. Ok, i found out that i can use my AV to 3.5mm adapter and only plug in the green connector and it works. I just have to get another adapter for the mic.

    Heres what i got for the mic. All you have to do is plug it into your xbox controller and change voice settings to "play through speakers".

    To power the headset.
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