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I have an Abit SE6 with an 800EB. When I change the CPU to a higher speed, at boot the BIOS says "CPU Unworkable". The FSB feature is greyed out and I can't get to it.

I want to adjust the FSB. Does anyone know how to access it?
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  1. I would check your manual to see if there is settings for manual config of fsb (jumpers / dipswitches) or to enable bios fsb alteration.

  2. There are 8 dip seitches and I tried all combinations that refer to clocking. Thanks anyway.
  3. I Have a BP6, and you need to see if you can disable Speed Error Hold. If you have the soft menu in the bios, it should be there. You can also set cpu speed to user define to change FSB speed. This is assuming that you have Soft Menu on this MB.
  4. The Speed error hold is disabled but also greyed out
  5. Under CPU speed is it set to "Manual"?

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  6. on abit's soft menu 2, you need to set cpu speed as user define, then you should be able to change your fsb, and same thing with voltage, user define. I run a BP6 w/ celeron 333@550 w/2.3 core voltage, and that is how I changed mine.
  7. By finding the Manual setting in the Soft Menu I was able to change the FSB all the way up to 153 Mhz. The system ran OK with the CPU temp going up to 45 Degrees C. The on-board Sound however will not work above a FSB setting of 137 Mhz. I am thinking of trying an old Sound Blaster 16 and disabling the on-board sound to see if I can go back to 153 Mhz FSB and still get sound.
    Thanks everyone for the help.
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