GTA-IV getting stuck after installing MS-OFFICE

I have a HP Pavilion g6-1201tx. I'm playing GTA-IV on this laptop, If i install MS-OFFICE 2007 or MS-OFFICE 2010, immediately the game is getting effected. It is not running smoothy, It is getting stuck for a second in once every 10 to 15 seconds. Immediately after i reinstall MS-OFFICE game is running smoothy. Can any one tell me what the problem might be and suggest me a solution for it.
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  1. Office is known for installing pieces of itself which run in the tasktray at startup. Check the start - all programs - startup folder to see if office stuck anything in there. It can safely be moved to the desktop (not deleted) without affecting how office works. You could also do a start - run - msconfig, look at the 'startup' tab and 'Disable' anything office related from there. Just be careful not to remove or disable any hardware related programs, like soundmax or raid (intel) drivers. Do your research and understand what you do before you do it.
  2. I thank you for replying,

    problem is still persisting.

    I have disabled ms-office and some other programs like skype,etc by carefully googling their applications, but the problem is still there. I have unistalled Ms-Office again, now game is running fine again, i am not finding any ms-office related executable files in task manager -applications tab or in services tab. can you please suggest me some more solutions,
  3. The same version of ms-office 2007 is not getting installed on my desktop (intel P4 on ASROCK G41M-VS3). everytime i try to install ms office it shows some or the other file missing. (.cab files)
  4. Sorry, the only idea I have left is the one you already attempted, which is to not install MS Office on your game PC. I don't know why it won't install on your other PC, however, I wouldn't install Office 2007 on a pentium 4.
  5. Thank you rpg, thanks a lot for the info.... :) :)
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