Pop-ups will not go away.


It was 4am, I was dead-tired, and I opened up crack.exe from a crack I downloaded for video editing software.

Next thing I knew little adwares were installing in my system tray, I couldn't stop them! Deleted some folders of some of the names I saw.. uninstalled a few things. But, pop-up after pop-up came after me.

1-3 every 5 minutes or less. Usually when I'm on IE, but also when I have no programs open whatsoever. Ironically alot of the ads are "Have spyware on your computer? Remove it now!" -_-

List of programs I've run complete scans with (each yielding many results which I deleted. Trojans, registries, etc.):

- Trend-micro free online virus scanner.
- RegScrubXP
- AVG Free version
- Spybot - Search and Destroy
- Blacklight (Hidden root thingy)
- Ewido

(I can't use Microsoft's beta adaware because my XP copy is not legit.)

I think that's all of them. But these damn pop-ups won't leave me alone! They've become less frequent at least.. but they're taking me out of my games and annoying me beyond belief.


Anyway, any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm planning to reformat.. but I have many things I must back up, and game events I must attend before then.

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  1. You got Owned. Balls if I'm helping you with a illegit OS

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  2. You pulled a Wusy.

    At least he can fix his stuff.

  3. those programs are weak.

    Run a Program called Ad-Aware with latest signature file.

    and another good program called Pest Patrol.

    but before you do that, your main probley is your using IE! AHHHHH

    Switch over to Mozilla FireFox immediately! (ughh tabbed browsing)!

    anyway if you do not wanna get FireFox, the problem with IE is the settings on it. the ACTIVE X should be disable, put the security on a higher notch.. like Medium-High or something...

    Some websites that use Active X might now work with these changes, but guranteed a TON of those pop ups will be gone....

    I use adaware, pestpatrol, zone alarm firewall and have Firefox... i get ZERO pop ups, i am PoP up free.

  4. try safe mode- maybe turning the restore off is also a good idea. i had an AZESEARCH BAR in my CRAPPY IE from astalavista.com trying to find a crack for recovering OE password! i recieved the computer from my sister, and AVG found 11K of infected files! so i know it's so infected it's alost battle. everyday i find tracking cookies non-stop with adawareSE and A-squared. i'm waiting for my friend to install fresh with firefox!! i just don't know how she didn't notice!

    btw, the Adaware se and A-squared didn't find the bar! i just went searching for the files by what i read on the website. i didn't do anything on the internet, as i might have my info seen..example yahoo email...?

    btw SPYBOT SUCKS SH*T!! and had no guilt throwing that crap out! it used to be Ok at first, but when i saw it not finding anything and then running AD-SE and A-squared and how much they found, i was pissed! the cleaner is good from what i heard. all are free..btw.
  5. AD-AWARE is pretty good....

    HiJackTHIS is excellent, and can be critical if you don't know what your deleting, and PEST PATROL is another excellent program

    run these selected programs, don't download other crap like pc doctor or popupstopper or whatever else the hell is out there lol

  6. sounds alot like spyaxe.. do a google search for info. hard to find and destroy.
    I use Ad-aware, spybot search and destroy, M$ antispyware, and AVG antivirus. Although I had to install mcafee trial to kill the spyaxe. good luck
  7. Reformat and don't execute any more random programs that you get on the net or anywhere else.

    Last year I did an upgrade to XP on my dad's office computer because the windows 98 SE he had was the original installation, which had been there for a good five years i guess. Anyway, it was stuffed to the max with browser hijackers, desktop advertising items you couldn't delete, fake Favourites entries in IE, annoying toolbars you couldn't get rid of in IE, more sub-panels in IE you couldn't get rid of... i used all the ad-aware, pest patrol, and got rid of a fair bit of it but half of it just kept coming back again!

    Now on XP SP2 Home on my own PC I have never gotten any spyware or anything for the last 2 years. Besides all the tracking cookies which are harmless.
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