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I'm looking for an old PC game. The game looks really similar to line space wars, graphic wise. The game had several color ships and you started on a planet. The planet had an orbiting space station. The goal was to fly around the area and capture planets as your own by landing on the unclaimed planets. This game is quite old. I used to have the game on one of those 300 games in one discs for win 95 or 98 (can't remember which).
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  1. Ask at forums. There is a seperate topic just for finding the games.
  2. Did the OP ever find this game. I am also looking for the same game. I remember it in the same way. from a windows games demo disc.
  3. This sounds just like the game me and frearthenofear are trying to track down in this thread:

    Let's all agree to tell all the others if any of us find it :p
  4. THIS IS IT! Dude bravo. I have looked for this game for years. Version 3.5 is the exact version i used to play. I have not been able to get this to work on win 7 though. only works on XP right now.
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