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Should I go with Air or Liquid Cooling?

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a b K Overclocking
January 16, 2001 2:56:48 PM

I intend on buying an AMD Thunderbird 1.2GHz and from I know
those baby produce much eat so I need a good cooling
solution. I've been reading a bit of posting on the topic
but what some feedback on which is best and host cumbersome
is the setup between air cooling and liquid cooling. Is
the difference really worth the price?

What I saw on seems to indicate that I should
be getting a MCW462-BT with the complete liquid cooling kit
which includes: Radiator 676 assy., Eheim 1048 Water Pump
assy., Fill&bleed kit assy., plus (2) 3/8" poly-acetal
instant union elbows and (5) feet parker 3/8" poly tubing.
I'm estimating the total price at about $215 while a good
air cooling is what? $80 or so?

Btw, anyone know when the 1.2GHz with a 266MHz system bus
coming out? All the TBird 1.2GHz I saw out there were for
a 200 system bus.



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January 16, 2001 4:55:00 PM

You don't really need to water-cool your computer. It would cool your CPU better and you could probably overclock it a bit better, but, unless your like me and want a challenge, it isn't worth it. A good air-cooler will keep your processor from overheating and allow you to overclock (although 1.2Ghz is pretty much the T-bird's limit).
a b K Overclocking
January 16, 2001 7:49:54 PM

What are some of the fairly good performing cpu fan/heatsink
that you could recommend me? I've heard here and there names
like Global Win, Swiftech, what else? Alpha?

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January 16, 2001 8:18:50 PM

I don't know about you but I don't like the thought of water being pumped thrhough my case.....
a b K Overclocking
January 21, 2001 3:49:56 AM

I guess that all depends on a person. Its not like we really need that extra speed but we just like to see what we can do. If you just strated overclocking then stick with air but if you want a challenge and hours of playing with your system, puting things together then go with water cooling but if you are not really handy with tools and precision work then dont do it or you might mess the whole system ;) 
a b K Overclocking
January 21, 2001 8:11:47 PM

Use the GlobalWin FOP32. If you plan on doing some serious overclocking, use the very noisy and ultra powerfull FOP38.

Suicide is painless...........
January 22, 2001 12:56:51 AM

About the Athlon 266mhz FSB- it's kind of pointless to go buy a Athlon C at 1.2Ghz when the Athlon B is probably going to be cheaper. AMD is basically releasing the "C" to certify that we can all safely use a 133mhz bus. My bus is at 266mhz DDR and it runs fine. So, if you want a 1.2 Ghz Athlon at 266 DDR- just get the "B". It's really all dependant on the motherboard.

-MP Jesse

PS almost every socket A motherboard supports a 133mhz FSB bus (266mhz DDR). The only difference is you will have to overclock the processor which takes like 2 seconds with a pencil.