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Hi, Im having a serious problem with dsl and it not letting me host games so any help would be apreciated. I just got dsl about a week ago, and before then I could host Warcraft3 and CS games on 56k and now for some odd reason I cant. Whenever I try to host war3, no one joins, which is odd so I whisper people to join to see whats up, and they tell me that they are getting a "latency to high" error, and these guys are on cable and dsl as well! So I got mad and called bellsouth fastaccess for help and I got thier tech support and they said that I should have two network connections in "network connections" [im usin xp], so I go and check and I only have one and I tell them and they basically said tough luck because the modem [that came with thier dsl] is made by westell or something.

So I tried calling Westell and Westell told me to call Bellsouth! So I ended up trying to fix it myself and wound up reinstalling the dsl software, and that didnt fix anything, so I figured it was a XP problem and then went and formatted and reinstalled XP, and that fixed nothing either! So now the only I can think of is that it is a TCP/IP problem because when I checked properties on the 'Local Area Connection' box in network settings, the TCP/IP setting had the uninstall option greyed out, and the install option was available [which I tried but it still said it wasnt installed even after clicking install]. Please Help!
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  1. Come on! Atleast say something.
  2. Who's the ISP? Is it PPPoE? When you advertise your hosting, what is the link back to you? Is it your IP address?

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  3. How do I advertise my hosting?
  4. Ok, I just checked and Im on a DHCP, and my Isp is Bellsouth. I am getting a good speed, 1.2mb out of a supposed max of 1.5mb. I am using a Westell Dual connect modem with built in firewall, and am using Ethernet. But still, thats not my problem. My problem is that I cant host games and Id like someone who knows about this stuff to help me out here. Thank you.
  5. Hello! I need help here

    /edit, figured it out!
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  6. Quote:
    I am using a Westell Dual connect modem with built in firewall

    I'd say the firewall is the problem, are you forwarding the required ports for the games you want to host?

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  7. You may need to learn how to set up the firewall so you can open or close the right ports for the games you want to play at the site you are playing the games. Usually a firewall has some way to set rules for this type of thing. Quite often, you can set it up with a web browser by inputting the correct IP address. This is how Linksys works.

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