Blue bar that scrolls left to right on XP Start Up


I had to uninstall & remove my TV tuner card, then install again.

Now, with the card in it's PCI slot, Windows get's stuck at that blue bar stage. The 3bars just stop scrolling. f I power down & remove the card, all is ok.

The card use to be ok. I've removed all drivers etc.

Is windows reading in some data at the blue bar stage? Can I go to a place to delete all records of the card so it does it from scratch?

Grateful for any help,


Asus P4S800-MX Mobo
2.8 P4 CPU
1024 PC3200 RAM
Seagate Barra IV 60GiG HD
Western Digital 120GiG HD
Radeon X800 Pro Graphics Card
Videomate DVB-T300 TV Tuner Card
Audigy PCI Sound Card
Win XP Home, Fully up to date, SP2 etc
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  1. Start it up in safe mode with the card in place.

    Or use Last Known Good Configuration mode and see if it'll load with the card in place.

    You did use the software to uninstall it right? You didn't try some rambo removal action.. right?
  2. Well, I put the card in,booted to safe mode, rolled back to a decent restore point and now I can go into Windows normally but the card is listed as "Multimedia Controller" under "other devices". It should be under "Sound,Video & Game Controllers" as that is where it has always been before.

    I install the drivers and the card is still undetected. There are about 10 driver listings in "Add/Remove Programs", most of which give me an error when I try to delete them.

    Not sure what to do now, any ideas?

    Thanks for the help,

  3. Backup and reinstall.. the best fix.

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  4. Have you tried different PCI slot or switch with another card (ie. your Audigy)?
  5. Ok, my motherboard has stopped recognising my TV tuner card.

    I have now tried new drivers, even cleared the CMOS & re-installed Windows.

    After the reinstall it found my soundcard but listed my TV card under the wrong area in Device Manager. It listed it as a multimedia device under imaging devices, instead of Sound Video & Game Controllers.

    I installed the drivers & now it can't find my sound card. After clearing the CMOS, it found my TV card but then failed to install it. Now it appears not to see it again.

    Now in Device Manager, it has suddenly displayed yellow exclamation marks next to:

    Microsoft Kernel DLS Synthasizer and
    Multimedia Controller

    It also seems to have mucked up my webcam as that has suddenly got an exclamation mark against it too.

    I've taken the cards out & put them back. I've checked & there are no IRQ conflicts.

    Does anyone know what may be wrong?

    Thanks for any help,

  6. It's very likely that you now have a bad TV tuner card. I'd suggest getting it replaced. Just to be sure, you can install the card into a different computer that has no problems to see if you can successfully install its drivers (from the CD that came with the card). As you can see, one cannot rely on WinXP to have all the drivers "built in."

    As far as the other components showing a problem in Device Manager go, simply gather up your drivers and reinstall them but without the TV tuner card. If you built this computer yourself, then you should have copies of the original drivers, right? Use the setup.exe files first. If you cannot find any, then go into Device Manager, right-click the problematic device and select Update Driver. Don't let the wizard "find the best drivers." You'll want to select the device from a list and then navigate to the directory containing the driver(s).

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